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Sometimes a red rose is the perfect way to say “I love you,” and sometimes a yellow rose can be great to send cheer. White roses can tell the bride she’s lovely, and pink roses can make your friend smile from ear to ear. But when you’re just so filled with joy that you want to send all the good vibes you can, rainbow roses are the perfect choice! With radiant and lovely shades of every color under the sun, rainbow roses, or kaleidoscope roses as they are sometimes known, can truly spark happiness in the heart of any recipient.

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Can you grow rainbow roses?

Sadly, rainbow roses are not actually grown. They’re artistically crafted with a dyeing process! If you’re trying to create your very own bouquet of different color roses, there are a few ways to do it. Your first option would be to grow roses in a variety of hues and then pick them and arrange them into a gorgeous bouquet of multiple colors! From white to pink, crimson, and yellow, when all arranged together you’ll get a true rainbow of colors.   If you want to create rainbow roses in the style of Proflowers’ very own unicorn rose bouquet, start with a simple white rose bouquet. Then, pick up some dye from your local craft store—food coloring or clothing dye will both work! Carefully paint each petal in the shade you desire. It’ll take some time, but the results will be eye catching. Of course, if you need them quicker, ProFlowers is happy to help with a fast rainbow roses delivery, unicorn roses, or two dozen roses to show your love!

What is the meaning behind rainbow roses?

Rainbow rose bouquets have a wide variety of meanings. As we all know, red long stem roses mean passionate love. Yellow roses are a sign of innocence, happiness, and celebration. White spray roses are a great choice for momentous or solemn occasions, like weddings, graduations, celebrations of life, and memorials. Pink roses are playful and fun, and make a great gift for the ladies in your life that you admire. When you combine these meanings, you get a fun, exciting, and zany combination that proclaims all your feelings for the recipient! If you opt for unicorn roses, you get that fun and exciting sentiment taken to the max. Pick out two dozen roses for a gorgeous rainbow arrangement today!

What occasion do you send kaleidoscope roses?

Kaleidoscope roses are perfect for birthdays, graduations, new jobs, promotions, or even just as a way to show someone you’re thinking of them. They might not be the first choice to tell a special someone that you love them, but hey, if you have a fun and playful relationship then go right ahead! Because of their variety of colors, the options are truly endless.